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Jennifer Fernandez is a Cuban-American artist based in Seattle, Washington. She is the recipient of the Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship, a grantee of the City of Seattle's Office of Arts & Culture, and was recently the Featured Artist at the Frye Art Museum Store. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Artist Statement


Prior to becoming a professional artist Jennifer Fernandez was a philosophy professor. During that time she explored ‘relationality’—the philosophical concept dealing with how beings are connected—examining questions which attempted to make sense of the relationship between self and other such as: Who am I and how am I connected to you, if at all? How is my existence bound to yours? Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, her art work explores these same questions.


Fernandez’s paintings document emotional landscapes—the feeling of being lost, or loneliness, of connection and disconnection. Using flat opaque shapes, a limited color palette, and graphic design she examines the existential. Likewise, her sculptural work gives shape to creatures in various states of relation. Mouths open wide, some shout to one another while others turn their heads away. 

Paintings feature biomorphic figures echoing the shapes of her sculptural pieces. The sculptures in turn are finished using acrylic mediums and acrylic paints rather than glazes. The 2D and 3D works are therefore objects-in-relation, interacting with and informing one another. Through color, shape, texture, material, and form they show their interconnectedness.



smART Ventures Grant

City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Seattle, WA


Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship

Pratt Fine Art Center

Seattle, WA



Tieton, Washington

What if, Gallery 114

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington



Vermont Studio Center



Graduate Theological Union

Doctor of Philosophy

Berkeley, California


Meander, fruitsuper

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Anacortes, Washington

Intersections, Graphite Gallery

Edmonds, Washington

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