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I Was Featured in Conversations with Artists

I had the great pleasure of being featured in Conversations with Artists this month. Profiling established and emerging working artists, Serena Depero had a fantastic way of making the interview

feel relaxed and comfortable. It was great to have the opportunity to share my work with a new audience and I'm honored to be featured alongside artists like Gillian Theobald and Cary Hulbert! Read an excerpt of my interview below:

What inspires you? I notice shapes a lot. When I’m out driving around town I’ll notice shapes everywhere I go. Just yesterday I was enamored by the long curve of a commercial light post above a bail bondsman’s sign downtown. It was great! But there’s a lot to look at and admire all around. I love hand lettered signage, especially the old school kind on storefront windows. Also, brickwork, manhole covers, doorways. Can you speak about your process? Whether it’s painting or ceramic work, I never start with an idea. I find that when I do that it’s less interesting for me. Rather, I let the process inform my next step. In a painting I might respond to a shape that I make. The next shape or line I make responds to the last one, so on. With the ceramic pieces I might start making a pinch pot or coil a shape and then I keep building or shaping until something happens and by that I mean, that the shape I make reminds me of something. Then I go from there. How did you become interested in art? I remember the first time I went to a modern art museum...


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