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June 2023 News

I've been a busy bee! This past spring was full of exciting events and now we're heading into summer with some good news! As always, if you have questions about the availability of my pieces, if you're interested in possible collaborations, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to reach out.

NEW WORK I continue to explore layering, transparency, and opacity in my new work "A Visit from a Familiar Stranger." One of the parts I find most fun about painting is the constant exploration and development of my skills. Once I learn about new materials, tools, or techniques I'm itching to try them out. On a recent studio visit someone suggested I try using a wet palette. While I'd previously used a diy version of this, I bought a 'real' one just to try it out. I love it! It gives me a much larger space to spread and thin out my paint, add glazing medium, and extend the flow and life of my paint for days.


SCULPTURAL PIECES Five new ceramic sculptures debuted during my open studio in May. These five pieces are hand built ceramic works, bisque fired, then texturized using acrylic mediums, before being painted with acrylic paint. Pictured here is "Treasure Chest." These works not only allow me to bring together my painting and my clay practice, they offer me another way to give shape to the memories, emotions, and states of being depicted in my paintings. I'm excited to explore more ceramic sculptures both as complementary pieces to my paintings as well as stand-alone works of art!



This Spring I was awarded a $1,000 grant from the City of Seattle's Office of Arts & Culture for the creation of a public art project called "Leave Your Mark". Visitors to my open studio in May were encouraged to add one slash, line, or blob of paint to a prepared canvas. In doing so they honored their individual creativity as well as their place in the artistic community.

We had a blast! Some participants had never before held a paint brush while others were seasoned professional artists. From the feedback I received, folks LOVED being a part of something interactive, creative, and fun. Nearly 50 visitors took part! I'm proud to have created this opportunity for my community and I'm proud of the way everyone came together to create a really unique piece.


GOOD NEWS I'm thrilled to announce that several of my paintings and two of my new ceramic pieces were selected to be featured in Contemporary Art Chronicle's VOLUME 4 OBSERVATIONS + PERSPECTIVES! Contemporary Art Chronicle is an independent contemporary art gallery with a particular focus in abstract and minimalistic painting. Selected artists and their work are profiled in an online exhibition, newsletter, and social media to an international audience. Contemporary Art Chronicle highlights amazing artists from around the world and I'm honored to have had my work selected!


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