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March 2023

Newest Work

My latest piece Westchester 1984 represents a bit of my world growing up in Miami—the hand painted sign on the corner butcher shop window, el mal de ojo protecting me from evil spirits and those who wished to harm me, my grandparent’s salmon-colored house where I grew up, the school blackboard. As I get older these memories and spaces become fragmented half-images in my mind. They float in my subconscious waiting to be remembered.

Current showing

I’m pleased to be the Featured Artist at the Frye Art Museum Store. My piece River and Stone I is on display through May.

River and Stone I came about quite organically. I wanted to take up the expanse of the canvas with biomorphic shapes and so I began with one shape which led to the next and the next. In creating the piece, I allowed each shape to take on its form in response to those around it. In doing so I found that some shapes wanted to creep around and between others. The effect of this reminded me of water flowing around river stones or the slinking ebb and flow of a tidepool. But what of the colors? Understanding that art resides in the land of subjective interpretation one could ask, are they reflective of the technicolor joy of the natural world or do they mirror the dyes, pigments, and chemicals we discharge into our environment? Are they the echo and reverberation of bird song or are they reminiscent of ocean plastics?


I’m happy to announce that I will be one of the featured artists on this year’s SPOTLIGHT NORTH Open Studio Tour. SPOTLIGHT NORTH showcases the artwork and creative processes of visual artists with workspaces in Shoreline, Lake Forest and the northernmost reaches of North Seattle. I’m excited to be part of a spectacular lineup of well-regarded artists including Tim Cross (represented by Linda Hodges), Gala Bent and Maggie Jiang (both represented by J. Reinhart), and Cameron Anne Mason (represented by Foster/White).

The event takes place May 6th and 7th from 12pm to 5pm, during which my home studio will be open to the public. Folks will be able to come see my work and learn about my process. During this time I'll give visitors the opportunity to ‘leave their mark’ by adding one slash, line, or blob of paint to a canvas I’ve prepared. Over the course of the weekend each person will contribute to the large abstract piece resulting in a one-of-a-kind work commemorating their uniqueness, their presence in the community, and their creative expression. This is a fantastic event which drew over 1,000 visitors last year and I’m honored to be in such fine company. For more information on SPOTLIGHT NORTH check out the website HERE.


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